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On this category, I post various HowTo articles and setup tutorials for different FOS Sofwares.

During my spare time, I learn how to install everything, from any Linux-based applications to server apps which are intended for Cloud VPS operation. Once learned… I document it, write the guide and post it on this section of the site.

This site also serve as my personal reference site, I tend to forget how I setup something, especially when haven’t used it for a while. So I resort to my own blog post and read my own guide to install an App.

I work as part-time virtual tech assistant on various Freelancing web site and that would mean that I have real-world experience in setting up sever applications or FOSS. This would mean that I’ve handled several Cloud VPS and other Linux-based softwares, in a professional level. And yes, I am a self-taught tech dude as mentioned in my About Chubbable’s page, and I am making small money off of it. I setup and configure servers for production environment, and whatever I learned and experienced from it shall be shared and posted on this Blog.

Can’t Import OpenVPN Configuration In Linuxmint 18 – SOLVED

Feature Image - Can't Import VPN Connection

Last week (August 2016), I’ve upgraded my Linuxmint Machine from version 17 to version 18, which is called “Linux Mint 18 – Sarah”. Alongside with this, I’ve also upgraded my pfSense box to version 2.3.2. This after, I can no longer import my OpenVPN connection settings, with the error “Cannot import VPN Connection”.

Newbie Guide on How To Configure Your DD-WRT For Bandwidth Prioritization or Speed Limit

DD-WRT Quality of Service Configuration

Here is a simplified guide on configuring your DD-WRT flashed WiFi Routers to limit or prioritize bandwidth for specific IP address, MAC Address, Application or Interface. If you’re the boss of your home network and you share your Internet with family members and guests, then you should be doing this on your Router. So jump…

How To Obtain Static IP Address Automatically From Router

Feature Image - Static IP Address Reservation

Learn how you could obtain a static IP address for your devices without manually entering it from network configuration. Let your Network Router do the job for you, but first you need to do something from your end. So you need to configure your Wired or WiFi Router first so it will assign the same…