3 of the Best Helpdesk Support Software This 2016

Screenshot - Ladesk Help Desk Support Sytem

If you’re looking for the best Help Desk Software for your small business, then read on to know more. I’ll be talking about the few systems and platform that I’ve personally tested and actually configured and used. This is not a review post, it’s a shortlist of what I’ve tested and worked for us.

Unicenta 3.91.x on Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop (Xenial Xerus) Installation Guide

Screenshot - Successfully Installed Unicenta 3.9 on Ubuntu 16.04

Since the time I’ve posted the Unicenta 3.8 Installation guide, it’s been long that I haven’t updated the post. It took me almost two years to update the guide, due to busy schedules. Well, now I got the opportunity to write the guide for this open source point of sale system called Unicenta POS 3.91.

Can’t Import OpenVPN Configuration In Linuxmint 18 – SOLVED

Feature Image - Can't Import VPN Connection

Last week (August 2016), I’ve upgraded my Linuxmint Machine from version 17 to version 18, which is called “Linux Mint 18 – Sarah”. Alongside with this, I’ve also upgraded my pfSense box to version 2.3.2. This after, I can no longer import my OpenVPN connection settings, with the error “Cannot import VPN Connection”.